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A short and sweet shower tray summary 


Shower tray. What do you need to know? What one is? How to fit one? What sizes do they come in? How do you keep them looking spick and span? It's all here in the Plumberparts short and sweet summary of shower trays!



What is a shower tray?

A shower tray keep in the water spray! In a standalone shower, the tray is the bit you stand on. Shower trays keep the water in the right place, and funnel it off safely down the waste pipe to your drain. Some wet rooms use shower trays too, sitting flush to the floor. You'll typically buy them alongside the shower enclosure.



How to fit a shower tray

If you're DIY-ing this one, start by giving my "How to install a shower tray" video a watch:

Before you start, you'll want to make sure the floor is level in all directions. Use whatever substrate you're happy with to get it level and firm, so it doesn't rock, move or have weak load points!


Next, measure the position for the shower trap hole, and cut holes for the trap and waste.


Check you've got the right tools for the job for this - you might need to cut through anything from floorboards to concrete!


Then it's time to fix the trap to the shower, and lay and fix the shower tray to the floor. I use my trusty friend CT1 glue to get everything super-secure.


Test the tray with a spirit level, and also add a bit of water into the mix to make sure it's level!


Last but not least, it's time to sort out the pipes flowing from the waste trap. Don't forget, make sure they go downhill!



Shower tray sizes

Shower trays are mostly square, quadrant or rectangular; and range from a teensy 700 x 700mm to mahoosive 1700 x 800mm in size. Match 'em up with the right-sized shower enclosure and you're in business.



Shower tray maintenance

The usual applies - keep your shower tray clean, and the bathroom sealant fresh (no mouldy spots or gaps!)


I've got you covered - watch my video on how to silicone seal a shower tray:

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