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Choosing the right shower enclosure for your home: an easy guide


Choosing the right shower enclosure for your home can be confusing with a huge choice of types, shapes and entries. But don't worry, at Plumberparts we're here to walk you through everything you need to know to getting the perfect shower enclosure.


You're going to start with a tape measure - not everyone's idea of a plumbing tool, but hear me out. You need to know the space you have to work with. If you're replacing an old shower enclosure, you can measure that; if you're adding one, you need it to look good in your space - not too big and not too small.



Tricks in measuring for your shower enclosure

There is a track to measuring for your shower enclosure. If your tray is rounded, you measure from the end of the curve - the place on top where the curve becomes flat. If your tray is rectangular, you measure from the edge.


For shower enclosures being fitted between wall, you need to take three measurements at different heights - 72" up for base of shower, the base and in the middle of these. You need to check how straight those walls are.


Shower enclosures come with an adjustment that allows for some flexibility, which is usually between 15mm and 40mm. If your walls are out by more than that, you're going to need to work on those before fitting your shower enclosure.


Do remember that you're measuring finished walls, so if you're fitting tiles, get that done before you get your tape measure out.





Shower enclosure shapes

Most shower enclosures are square or rectangular, which makes sense given they're usually in a corner of a room. There's also a quadrant option, which is popular for small spaces and a D-shape, which can sit against a wall when you don't have a corner for your shower or you don't want your shower in the corner. Quadrants are possibly the most difficult to install but I've got you covered there with this video below:

Entry types

Unless you're having a walk-in shower enclosure or like mopping, you'll need doors on your shower enclosure. You can choose from sliding doors (perfect for quadrant enclosures), bifold and hinged doors. Shower doors can be framed or frameless - your call.



Maintaining your shower enclosure

Cleaning may not be a glam task, but your shower enclosure will need regular cleaning to keep dirt and limescale at bay. Make sure your bathroom sealant stays in tip-top condition too. If you've got a water softener, make sure you keep the salt level up in the brine chamber - you'll vastly reduce the scale build-up on your shower screen.


There you have a quick run-down on your shower enclosure choices. If you have a small room, check out my installation of a quadrant shower tray on YouTube.




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