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Plumbing disasters 40

Join me on the plumbing range, having my hair cut and scrubbing the BIG G as we look at your great picture and videos from the past month!

How to remove radiator and cap off pipe in floor

This video will show you how to remove a radiator and cap off the pipes under the floor.

Direct & Indirect Hot Water Cylinders

What's the difference between the two and how do they work? We explain!

Plumbing Disasters 39 - Christmas Competitions

Plumbing disasters photos and videos sent in by you for James to laugh at!

How to Fix a Leaking Compression Fitting

A quick and fun video showing you how to fix a leaking compression fitting on copper and plastic pipe.

Air Vents for Heating Systems - Type 1

This video is all about the deaeration of heating system water.

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