When fun DIY plumbing jobs turn into a nightmare

There is no mistaking that taking the short cut and taking the path of DIY may potentially save you lots of money and allow you to spend your money on more interesting things but have you ever wondered why it is sometimes a good idea to call the plumber such as using the services from FindYourPlumber; after all they are called this for a very good reason. While on paper carrying out a DIY job may sound fantastic but for many of us it often leads to a disaster and if this disaster doesn’t happen straight away then watch this space before your makeshift pipe bursts and fills the whole room with water or your washing machine starts shaking viciously across the kitchen floor.


Your five minute DIY job unfortunately could turn into a fully fledged decorating job once you have cleared the ten inches of water that has filled on the lower floor of your home. In the words of a plumber “a DIY plumbing catastrophe”.


OK for the enthusiastic DIY people out there, there are some projects that are fun and rewarding once you get yourself started as it provides you with the opportunity to learn as you go along. Learning some plumbing jobs such as fixing a leak or knowing how to replace a tap can as we stated previously, can save you money but nightmares can and do happen.

DIY Competence Gap


Recent research carried out by www.PlumberNOW.co.uk revealed the DIY competence gap has opened up even further between the modern man of today and his father. It may not come as a surprise to many but more than one in three men under the age of thirty five have admitted that if they encounter any problems with their home they will call on the help of their dad rather than attempting to fix them.


And even more surprisingly is that seven out of ten men under the age of thirty five, which equates to 70% interviewed, stated that they would need to call for assistance to find out how to turn off their water supply in the unfortunate even that they encounter a flood. If we were to compare this to men over the age of fifty five only 20% would need some assistance. You would think that something so simple would be known by all, but apparently not. The findings from the research also revealed that half of the UK population could not complete one of the following: bleed a radiator, clear a blocked drain or rewire a plug.


The generation gap is clearly evident especially when it comes to finding out the cost of common plumbing jobs with the older generation being far more able and willing to shop around in order to get the best possible quote (75%) whereas only 56% of the younger generation would take time out to do relevant research. This could be that the priorities of modern man of today are so much different.