Learn New Skills! Plumberparts and 66 of us

Plumberparts have become contributors on the recently launched website, 66 Of Us - aiming to share our own skills and learn new ones with the population of the UK.

Throughout the UK, and the World, the lockdown has created a sense of community in the villages, towns and cities we live in. 66 Of Us aims to extend this sense of community online to help people share their skills with others - from learning how to draw, to tips on gardening, through to car maintenance and plumbing.

You can watch the first Plumberparts video for 66 Of Us here.

Plumberparts & 66 Of Us

We think this is a great idea and will certainly be using the website to learn something new! Maybe Jimmy can learn 'The Cha Cha Cha' from Strictly Come Dancing's Amy Dowden!

You can visit the website here: https://66ofus.uk/

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