Toilets: lifting the lid on your conveniences

Let’s face it, toilets are one of those conveniences in life that we can take for granted – until they go wrong! Here are your options if you need to replace yours, or if you’re adding one to your home

What are the different types of modern toilets?

Let’s start with the two main components of a toilet: the cistern, which fills with water and the pan and seat – the part that you sit on.

The most popular option is the close coupled toilet, where the water cistern sits on the back of the pan. The pan is fixed to the floor and the back of the cistern is attached to the wall. It’s simple and straightforward.

If you want something neater, you could go for a wall hung toilet. The pan attaches to the wall securely and the cistern is hidden in the wall behind. This style needs a wall frame as well as the cistern and pan. Make sure the wall is sturdy! You can see how to fit one in the video below.

A wall hung toilet is a more expensive option than its close coupled cousin, but sleeker. Added bonus: because it’s not touching the ground, floor cleaning becomes a doddle!

Back to wall toilets are similar to the wall hung toilet in that the cistern is hidden but they sit on the floor.

The final kinds you would usually find in a more period style of home: high level and low level toilets, where the cistern is connected with shiny, feature pipework. In both cases, the cistern is wall mounted – the only difference is the height. I’m sure you can figure out which is which!

I often get called to houses where they want the toilet in a position that will not allow drainage without a macerator. Please try to consider toilet position and a 4 inch waste pipe first when planning either a new bathroom, ensuite or toilet before anything else. Trust me you won’t regret it!

Can you get space-saving toilets?

I’m glad you asked: yes you can! If you want to save on space, you might want a corner toilet with its triangular cistern or a short projection style, which takes up less room than a regular sized pan.

Keeping it green

Many modern toilets are now dual flush, which can save you water. They typically have two flush buttons to choose from, depending on what’s required!

What about toilet seats?

The final touch is the seat. There’s a load of choice here, and you can even buy a toilet seat that looks like a fish tank if that’s what takes your fancy. As well as the standard plastic, you’ve also got wooden seats and soft-closing seats for a quiet life. And surely that’s what we all want 🙂

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