Air Source Heating

Your quick guide to air source heat pumps

Gas may be the norm for now, but as its use phases out over the next few decades, it pays to know what renewable energy sources you can use to heat your home. Roll up, roll up, for this Plumberparts quick guide to one of those renewable options: the air source heat pump!

Grant Aerona3

What is an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump is a clever piece of kit. It effectively hoovers up any tiny trace of energy from the air and converts it into heating and hot water for the home. They can also be used for cooling in the summer.An air source heat pump unit looks like an air conditioning unit and sits outside against a wall of your home. You might see them referred to by their acronym of ASHP. They’re not the same as ground source heat pumps, although their operating principles are similar.

How does an air source heat pump work?

In simple terms, an air source heat pump works like a fridge, but using outdoor and indoor heat exchanger coils and refrigerants. Refrigerants are pumped through the coils: the outdoor coil sucks the warm air up, the indoor coils transfers it for use in the heating or hot water system; and there’s a whole load of compressing and condensing going on in between!

Can I add an air source heat pump to my current heating system?

Air source heat pumps work best at lower temperatures over a long period of time. This means they work better with underfloor heating systems, or systems with large radiators. They also work better if you’re not using gas.

As a rule of thumb, if your radiators are huge and your home insulation is top-notch, you’ll need a smaller air source heat pump than if you’ve got teensy radiators and naff-all insulation. I’d always recommend the bigger radiators/UFH (underfloor heating) option though!

You’ll also need to make sure your hot water cylinder is up to the job.

What are the pros and cons of an air source heat pump?


  • Heat from the air is renewable energy – puts you ahead of the game as well as giving you cheap fuel bills
  • You may even get some cash through Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payments
  • Provides heat all year, even when it’s snowman-building weather
  • Doubles up as an air conditioner in the Summer
  • Low maintenance, long life


  • They cost a pretty penny to install – count on a few grand!
  • They’re no silent operators: expect typical air-conditioner noise levels
  • They need to comply with local planning standards
  • They need electricity of some form from them to be able to capture the renewable warm air

Grant UK

Plumberparts introduce Grant UK

The Grant Aerona3 R32 air source heat pumps utilise the cleaner and more eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, making the range Grant’s greenest heat pumps yet.

Comprising of four single phase models – 6kW, 10kW, 13kW and 17kW – the Aerona3 R32 heat pumps provide heating and hot water for properties. The innovative design means the units operate at greater efficiency levels even at low external temperatures. Additionally, the heat pumps have been designed to be compact and quiet in operation, with the 13kW and 17kW models being awarded the Quiet Mark, consequently the heat pumps have minimal impact on their surroundings.

Grant’s Aerona3 air source heat pumps incorporate several features, as standard, which are all designed to make the installation quicker and easier for engineers. From its integrated HE pump through to the simplified electrics, the Aerona3 has been designed to save installers time when onsite fitting the heat pump, reducing the installation time for engineers and efficiently restoring a property’s heating for homeowners. Furthermore, they are user friendly for homeowners as they are often compatible with a property’s existing control system, and they are also simple to service and maintain – with front access and easily accessible components.

What’s more, these heat pumps can work in conjunction with a range of other technologies available from Grant, such as effective heat emitters and high-performance cylinders to make the home as efficient as possible.


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