Toilet Flush


Toilet levers and buttons: a royal flush and common problems


Knowing what kind of toilet flush your loo has can help you troubleshoot problems - such as a toilet that keeps running water into the pan after flushing. And the great news is that sometimes it doesn't take anything more than getting your hands wet to avoid calling out a plumber.


Let's start with your toilet flush. There are two kinds - a syphon and a push button.



The syphon toilet flush

A syphon flush is usually connected to a lever. When you press the lever, about a litre of water goes into the flush mechanism, kicking off the syphoning action. What can go wrong is that the thin plastic flaps that prevent water from dropping back eventually wear out. You'll know when this is an issue when you have to keep pumping to get the toilet to flush, until eventually it just won't flush at all!


To save water with a syphon toilet flush, look at the side of the unit: there are usually two little plugs. Removing the higher plug breaks the syphon and you'll use less water with each flush.


See how a syphon works in this video below.

The push-button toilet flush

A push button is pretty much as it says on the tin, but the linkage between the button you press and the unit can vary. You can have a direct connection such as rods taking the pressure from the external button to the internal; or you can have a cable, which gives you greater flexibility. Many toilets nowadays have dual flushes, allowing for either a full or a half flush, depending on how much needs to be flushed away. The half flush allows you to save money on your water bills and reduce the amount of water you use.


One of the most common problems is when the rubber seal on a push button flush or syphon diaphragm perishes. All it takes to fix this is replacing the diaphragm or seal and you’re done. If it’s totally knackered, most manufacturers have a twist off / twist on mechanism for an easy direct replacement without have to do cistern removal.


Another issue that can come up with a push button mechanism is getting something lodged between the seal and foot of the mechanism. It could be something as simple as a bit of limescale or a chip off a deodorising block (which is a plumber’s worst nightmare – you can never get the staining off!) that’s preventing the foot from sitting flush on the seal. Just run your finger around between the foot and seal to make sure it’s clear. Here’s a video to show you how:


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