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A short guide to magnetic filters


You might sometimes hear magnetic filters referred to as central heating filters. Our short Plumberparts guide walks you through what magnetic filters do and why you should have one.



What does a magnetic filter do?

A magnetic filter helps keep sludge away from your central heating system. Sludge can come from built up rust particles. A magnetic filters literally draws these steel or iron particles to it, and in doing so prevents them being released into the system and clogging it up.



Why should I install a magnetic filter?

Who wants a system clogged up full of sludge? If you've ever seen a filter cleaned out as part of your annual boiler service, you'll have seen first-hand how much gunk they capture and why you wouldn't want it floating around or clogging up your heating system!


A build-up of sludge in the system can make your pipes and radiators noisy, your boiler run inefficiently, and can mean your radiators don't always reliably heat up as they should.


Even worse, a blocked system needs a powerflush to unblock it, and that can cost you some serious dosh.


Here's my simple equation for keeping your central heating system squeaky clean:


Magnetic filter + corrosion inhibitor + annual service = squeaky clean system!



The corrosion inhibitor does just what it says on the tin - it should be added to your system to stop rust forming in the first place.



What's the best magnetic filter for a central heating system?

You should look for a magnetic filter that:


  • Works with your pipework size and configuration (vertical or horizontal)
  • Is suitable for your size of central heating system
  • Is easy to service
  • Has a long warranty


That sums up the benefits of magnetic filters. They're by no means compulsory, but can save you a whole host of sludgy heartache.


Installing a magnetic filter is a job for the pros. Watch my install video for the Adey MagnaClean Pro3 here



Plumberparts introduce ADEY


ADEY are the pioneering manufacturer of magnetic filters and whole system health. The importance of having a magnetic filter fitted to your heating or cooling system, means that your whole system is protected against the build-up of magnetite as a result of corrosion.

Magnetite can build-up in an untreated iron pipe system as a result of natural oxidation and collection of debris. ADEY manufacture a range of MagnaClean magnetic filters for all system types, domestic and commercial. To view their full range and find out which filter is best for you, visit their website.



Why install a magnetic filter?

A magnetic filter works by collecting the magnetite and removing it from the water that flows through the system to keep it clean and running efficiently.


Without a filter, magnetite is free to move around the system and clogging it up, creating cold spots on your radiators, excessive noise and eventually boiler breakdown if it continues to run inefficiently. It can also result in increased production of carbon emissions.


A system blocked with sludge requires a MagnaCleanse or power flush to unblock it. Although effective, this is an expensive solution, so it is best to keep your central heating system clean and efficient.



The first Smart Filter

ADEY’s MagnaClean Professional3 Sense ® is the first smart filter in the industry. This game-changing innovation allows homeowners and installers to monitor the build-up of sludge in the system by giving advance warning of any potential problems. This helps avoid potentially expensive breakdowns and emergency call-outs.


Better monitoring of your heating system has a range of other benefits too:


  • It’s SMART – monitor system health remotely using the ADEY ProClub and HomeZone apps
  • Save up to 7% per year on your heating bills*
  • Cut carbon emissions by up to 250kg per year**
  • Protects the lifespan of the boiler
  • Complete peace of mind that your system is being monitored 24/7

Learn more about the new MagnaClean Professional3 Sense here.



Recently purchased a Professional3 Sense? Watch ADEY’s installation guide. Chris Duke, ADEY’s Product Manager, takes you through the step-by-step process to connect your Pro3 and start monitoring the system from your ProClub app:

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