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New Studio - So Happy - Trip to PHEX Chelsea

GUYS! Random video this week. Been super busy on jobs/callouts

How to fix a concealed toilet

This video covers how to fit a concealed toilet system. Includes the fitting of the soil or waste pipe, the cold water feed pipe, the toilet cistern and the flush pipe.

NEST Thermostat Q and A answered! #Ad

We cover the pros and cons of Nest stats, plus Pauls Tattoos....all whilst enjoying a beer!

KITCHEN SINK WASTE - How To Install Step by Step

We have a look at how to install a kitchen sink waste trap and pipe on a bowl and a half kitchen sink.

PLUMBING DISASTERS 👻 Halloween 2017 🎃 Photos & Video

Plumbing Disasters is back for another season! All your photos and videos of awful plumbing, terrible tee's, woweful wastes, shonky showers, flexi fridays and more!

CONDENSING BOILERS - Condense Pumps -Wilo Plavis

Today we have a look at condensing boilers and condense pumps.