How To Install A Towel Radiator

Many bathrooms and even the odd kitchen have a Towel Radiator. Defined by their great design opportunities and look, they are often the perfect slimline solution to drying your towels and enhancing your room.

Below you will find a full instruction guide on how to install a towel radiator plus a great instructional video. If you need any more help then contact us. If you want to buy a towel radiator then check our Offers and Deals section. Alternatively we have a few retailers present on this page. Enjoy!

Here is a brief guide on how to install a towel radiator:

1. Make sure you turn the heating system off electrically and make sure (if the system is grviaty fed) that it cannot fill with water.

2. Choose a good position in the room, away from knocking doors and people.

3. Prepar the radiator for installation by removing all packaging. Also fit the air vent and bung to the top outlets on the radiator (if not already present).

4. Fit the radiator valve spigots to the other end nearest where your pipework will be. Make sure you use a suitable thread sealant at this point (PTFE tape is fine)

5. Make the brackets up on the towel rail itself and position correctly on the radiator. Curved towel radiators will need the angle on the bracket to be correct allowing the base plate to fit onto the wall squarely.

6. Offer up the radiator to the wall. The brackets should be square on the wall. Adjust the height position of the radiator  to where you want it. If you can, mark the centres of the top brackets. (you might need a bit of help here…phone a friend!) Now you know the bracket height.

7. Use a spirit level and measuring tape to mark the centre of where you want the radiator and draw a faint pencil line up.

8. Measure the distance between your radiator bracket holes. Use that measurement to accurately pinpoint the distance each bracket will be from the centre line.

9. Use a spirit level to make sure your top bracket marks are level.

10. Drill and attach the top bracket plates using supplied screws and plugs.

11. Pop the bottom radiator brackets onto the radiator. Temporarilly attach the radiator to the top brackets on the wall.

12. Mark where the bottom brackets are on the wall and drill holes accordingly.

13. Attach bottom bracket base plates to the wall. Attache radiator properly to the brackets. Use the grub screws supplied to secure the radiator brackets to the radiator base plate.

14.  Pipe up to the your valves.

15. Fill and vent system, check for leaks and inhibit. Re instate heating system.

16. Pat yourself on back and have a cuppa!