How to Inhibit a Pressurised System

It is very important to inhibit your heating system. The method described below will not only help you to inhibit your pressurised heating system, but it will also allow you to add treatments like sludge removers etc.

Before you read on, check the instructional video below for comprehensive advice on how to inhibit your pressurised heating system. If you need more help a step by step guide can be found below.

Step by step guide:

1. Turn off the heating system and allow it to cool to room temperature

2. Find a drain off and dump the system pressure to a safe place.

3. Find a suitable radiator that can take either an injector nozzle or standard 1/2″ female thread. These can be found at the top of the radiator and are usually used to vent air.

4. Turn the radiator off at both ends and open the air vent. This will indicate that the radiator valves are holding and sound.

5. Connect your injector to the radiator using either a plastic nozzle (supplied with aerosol inhibitor) or by removing the air vent altogether and connecting using a 1/2″ male insert.

6. Add the required amount of inhibitor to your injector bottle (if using a hand injector) and pump it up 5 – 10 pumps.

7. Open a radiator valve.

8. Pump until all the inhibitor is in the system. Allow plenty of air in too.

9. Shut the radiator valve and use the vent valve on your inhibitor bottle to dissipate any pressure. No inhibitor should go back into your injector bottle.

10. Remove your injector and re-instate the radiator. Turn on the rad valves and vent if possible.

11. Return to filling loop and re pressurise to a cold temperature of around 1 bar. (14.75 PSI)

12. Vent the system, fully open radiator and run the heating system as normal.

We hope that our instructional video and guide has helped you out, but if you need more help then contact us through our feedback form. Good luck!