Grundfos Alpha Pump

Grundfos have been manufacturing heating pumps for the commercial and domestic industry since 1945.
The Grundfos Alpha2 is the latest in their range of domestic heating system pumps. Easy to install, they offer a compact and highly efficient answer to the question of heating water circulation. They also produce the Alpha2N. A stainless steel pump designed for Hot water System circulation.

The main addition to this range of pumps is the ‘Auto Adapt’ function which constantly monitors the demand asked of the pump. If radiators are shut during operation the pump speed will automatically slow down saving you energy and money. If the radiators are opened, the pump speed will automatically increase. This reduces homeowner and installer worries as to what pump to fit. This pump will adapt for the home and system it is in.

Watch this video if you want to know how to change a central heating pump.

Where to buy a Grundfos pump:

If you buy a heating pump yourself and don’t allow you installing engineerto supply it, you will avoid his mark-up and save money. Also you will know exactly what you are getting. The beauty of the Grundfos alpha 2 and 2N is they auto adapt to nearly all domestic systems. You don’t have to worry about which power pump you need as the pump selects for you.


1. Energy efficient label ‘A’ rating.
2. Easy fit: The smallest domestic pump Grundfos have made so far allowing easy installation in confined places.
3. Plug in electrical supply: Much like your kitchen kettle, these pumps just plug in making installation even easier.
4. Auto Adapt: Constantly measuring the flow required and adapting to demand saves the home owner money on electricity.
5. Night set-back function: A reduced demand at night means the pump will slow or stop depending on what the user requires saving you more money.
6. Easy to read monitor: An easy read LED monitor allows you to see what the power consumption is at that time.
7. One touch operation: One button on the pump allows you to select whether you want Auto Adapt on or the pump set to a constant manual speed.

Installing a Grundfos Alpha 2/2N:

Installing one of these pumps couldn’t be easier. The easy fit electrics reduce installation time considerably. The installation is similar to other domestic pumps so refer to the ‘Advice’ section for a detailed explanation on how to install one of these pumps or click here.