Air Vents for Heating Systems - Type 1

Our latest instructional video is out now. This video is all about the deaeration of heating system water. This in turn protects the pump and heating system components to maintain adequate function and flow. We show you where they fit in a heating system and how to diagnose if there is a problem with one.

The proper removal of air from a heating system is important and goes a long way to ensuring the proper function of the heating system. Air in the heating system water can cause airlocks, central heating pump failure and boiler overheating. In this video we look at the most basic of deaeration devices, the bottle vent. 

The bottle vent is effectively a cup sized container with the flow coming in from one side at a high level then out the other at slightly lower level. As the 'area' the water is passing through is larger than the feed pipes the water is effectively slowed down. This allows air to escape out of the vent pipe at the top of the bottle vent. Allowing for deaerated water to flow around the system and not impinge on the running of the heating system.