Plumbing Under Your Kitchen Sink

Ever opened the kitchen cupboard and wondered what is going on in there? Removed the brillo pads and cleaners to find a little leak on a pipe and thought what is that pipe doing? Installing a new kitchen sink and would like to know how to clean up all the pipes in there to maximise kitchen cupboard space? Hopefully this article can help! Watch our instructional video below. We've also compiled a great article to help you change you kitchen sink HERE!

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It's important to plan out the layout of your new pipework. This can go back to the very earliest stages of 'first fixing' if working in a new kitchen extension. If you get the planning right in the early stages it makes for clean, neat pipework and a great ergonomic install under the sink. Loads of room for you to store stuff. Also the more valves you install, the better! Make sure you have adequate drops for your waste pipe system.

Watch the video above though! It'll help you out loads into getting inside the head of the plumber. You'll have a better understanding of what the pipes under your kitchen sink do.