How To Re-Seat a Dripping Tap

This instructional video could save you £’s in new taps. Often if you have a dripping tap and change the tap washer, the tap will still drip. At this point most people would give up and buy a whole new tap. Wait one minute and watch this video. It teaches you how to re-seat a tap. This means smoothing-off the metal plate that the tap washer presses against to create a seal. In hard water areas the seat can be prone to damage from scale but it can happen to all taps. Nevertheless a tap re-seating tool is a very handy piece of kit and can save you money.

Watch the video below for a guide on how to do it yourself. If that doesn't help, then read our step by step guide below.

1. Turn off the water supply to the tap.

2. Remove the head or handle of the tap. Often you'll find a screw under a decorative piece of plastic or chrome.

3. Use a spanner to undo the tap cartridge. 

4. Find which screw thread holder for the tap fits your tap re-seater.

5. Find out which re-seater blade fits the seat you are trying to fix.

6. Assemble your tap re-seating tool accordingly and insert into the tap.

7. Turn the grinder so the blade is tightening on the re-seater thread. This ensures the blade won't fall off.

8. Keep turning until you are happy that you've removed any chinks on the seat. Make sure the seat is nice and shiny.

9. Turn on water slightly to blow our brass shavings.

10. Turn off water and re-assemble tap. Test for leaks.

You're Done!