Flexible Push Fit Pipe

Push fit pipe is now widely used throughout the plumbing world. It has made plumbing more accessible to DIYers and has revolutionised the world of plumbing. It is now easy to run pipes under floors and through lofts without the need for lots of joints with their related problems. Flexible pipe isn;t generally thought of as aesthetically pleasing and therefore it usually is not visible.

Before we begin watch this brief video on how to use push fit pipe:

installations. It first became prevalent in the under-floor market because of its malleable nature. This is why it is so popular with plumbers and DIYer’s today.


When to use Hep 2O?

Hep 2O can be used anywhere inside the home where it won’t be subject to frost. Never use it outside. Hep 2O can also be used on heating systems with a minimum distance from the boiler of 1 metre. Generally we use it for running pipes under floor boards to services like radiators and hot and cold water. It is a great innovation because you have less joints and therefore a reduced chance of leaks.


How to use Hep 2O:

Hep 2O can be cut with a pipeslice or even waste pipe cutters. After cutting always ensure to insert the metal sleeve supplied to prevent pipe crushing. Push fully home into the Hep 2O fitting and tighten the collar. Sometimes getting the pipe fully into the fitting can be difficult. If you arn’t sure that its gone fully in, retract the collar, pull out the pipe and check that the rubber ‘o’ ring is around the pipe itself.