How to change a basin waste

The video below covers how to easily change a basin waste. YES we know it moved a bit at the end. It was rectified but not in the video!

We cover turning off the water, removing the old basin waste, sealing the new one with putty or silicone and then successfully tightening up the waste and trap to create a water tight seal. We then show you how to install the pipework and how to install the overflow. This method works for the pop up waste although we have done a video just for that.


Ok, it's not the most glamourous job ever, but if you know how to do it youself without the anoying silicone then you're laughing. If the video above didn't help, here's how to do it step by step:


  1. Turn off the water supply to the taps if you're worried about knocking the taps and soaking your leg. Make sure your new waste is the same depth as the old one to avoid altering the pipework configuration.

  2. If taking out an old pop up linkage waste (with the rod at the back of the tap) then get all that out of the way now. Use a screwdriver to get rid of the linkage. The new world is all about clicker wastes.

  3. Undo the plastic nut on the trap to the waste. Be sure to loosen carefully and make sure the rubber seal is in tact. If not, use an o-ring or similar seal and replace. It's easier to remove the trap completely from the waste pipe too. Most new wastes are the same length so you shouldn't have to do any pipework alterations.

  4. Once the old trap is out of the way you can undo the large nut (plastic or brass). Sometimes you'll need a screwdriver to wedge in the top side of the waste to prevent it from spinning as you undo.

  5. Remove the old waste and clean up the old sealant.

  6. Insert your new waste. If there's an overflow then make a note of the direction of the overflow cutout on your new waste. It's very important these line up with the porcelain hole at the end of the job.

  7. Get some Plumbers Mait and roll it into a sausage shape in your hands. Wrap this sausage around the top of the thread. Press in with your fingers as best you can. Use the washer to push it right up inside the thread cavity.

  8. Screw the new nut back on. Again use a screwdriver to ensure the waste doesn't slip. Make sure the overflow holes are lined up. I can't stress that enough!

  9. Re-attach the trap to it's waste and the bottom of your new clicker waste. Tighten and test for leaks.


Note: You can use silicone instead of Plumbers Mait...but it's poo really!


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