How to boost your mains water pressure

If you have low water mains pressure coming out of your taps and have slow showers and baths then we can help. By adding the Salamander Home Boost pump to your incoming water main you could easily boost the water pressure from your incoming main in minutes. WE show you how here and it's EASY! 

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If the video above didn't help, prehaps a little bedtime reading about how to boost your incoming mains pressure with a booster pump will help.

Firstly the pump will not pump above 12 litres a minute in line with government regulations. 

It's very easy to install and will happily sit under a kitchen sink. The salamander home boost will fit on 15mm and 22mm pipe. It can feed a combi boiler system to boost your hot water too. Although ensure that the plate heat exchanger is nice and clean. If you are on a softened water supply you should be fine. 

You can find more information about boosting cold water mains pressure over on our Interactive House here.