How to Change a Toilet Syphon Unit

Everyone hates a toilet that doesn’t flush properly. You can spend ages pushing on the handle and nothing happens. Fortunately the solution is really simple.

toilet syphon

A toilet syphon uses a one way diaphragm to push water up and down a syphon tube. This creates the syphon which uses the weight of the water falling into the toilet to suck more water in from the cistern. The syphon is broken when the cistern is emptied.

The problem with syphons is the one way diaphragm. After some years of flushing they get old and develop holes or get weak. This is when you need to change the toilet syphon.

We recommend at this time to change the ‘doughnut’ if the cistern is close coupled and the metal clamp as they can get rusty and not work properly. These components are imperative to in sealing the cistern to the toilet. If it is a high level or removed toilet cistern just use the supplied compression nut and rubber seal to sonnect the flush pipe.

Watch the video below to find out how to change a close coupled toilet syphon.