Salamander Surrey Flange

The Salamander S flange is a great innovation designed to stop air getting into your pump. It doesn’t have to be installed with just a Salamander pump. It can be used with any of the other major manufacturers.

To find out how to install a salamander surry flange just watch this brief video:

Salamander S FlangeHow does a Salamander S flange work:

They are always installed on the top outlet of your hot water tank. The ‘probe’ with holes in it is a dedicated supply draw to the pump. The other outlets in the house can draw water around it, but only the pump will draw from it. This allows the pump to draw water from lower down in the hot water tank and therefore not draw air that could be at the top, making your pump silent and more efficient. It should also be noted that air inside pumps can severely damage the pump impellors. They are easy to install and should be considered for every house.



1. Turn off the water supply to your hot water tank.
2. Open the hot water taps until they stop running
3. Unscrew the compression fitting on the top of the tank.
4. Cut a small amount of the outlet pipe back to allow the S flange to be installed.
5. Use Loctite or PTFE to seal the threaded joint on the top of the Hot water tank.
6. Tighten the S flange onto the hot water tank.
7. The side outlet is the dedicated supply to the shower pump. Make sure you have the shower pump fully installed and water tight before you test for leaks.
8. The top outlet should be re connected to the hot water outlet pipe you cut back earlier.
9. Shut all the hot taps.
10. Open the feed to the hot water tank and test for leaks.