Salamander Single Impeller Shower Pump

Salamander are the premier makers of domestic pumping solutions on the market next to Grundfos. These two pumps have a single impeller and therefore can pump either cold or hot water but not both. They are a perfect solution for improving flow to a variety of storage tank feeds especially if the mains water pressure is to low to reach the posistion of the storage tank.

If you need to find out how to install a shower pump, just watch this video:


Some houses have a low water pressure and these pumps can boost that pressure to a single water cistern in your loft. It is not advisable to use them to increase the pressure throughout the whole house. A CSP CVP super booster is more suited to whole house pumping.

The CT55 will work with a 50ft head (1.5bar) and the CT85 will work with a 75ft head (2.1bar)


The pump itself is mounted on rubber feet to prevent the noise of vibration and is supplied with flexible connectors for easy pipe installation. Small gause filters are inserted where the flexible hose connects to the pump body. They are easily removed and cleaned. Both pumps can be installed using 15mm and 22mm pipe.
The electrical installation will require a 13amp fused spur. The pump has a water proof connection block for the 240V live supply, neutral and earth.