How Shower Pumps Work

Below is an instructional video  that outlines the installation of a shower pump. First, read this brief description about their use.

Shower pumps are now very common in the home and commercial properties. They are installed on systems where the head pressure is not sufficient to create a pleasurable shower experience. Shower pumps dramatically increase the amount of water used and most household water tanks will cope with the demand.

shower pump diagram

Shower pumps work using two impellers. This means they effectively pump two separate water supplies -the hot and the cold. Both are fed from the tank in the loft. Never attempt to install a shower pump on mains pressured water. It will damage the impellers and possibly void the warranty.

After the shower pump is your usual shower control which mixes the pumped water to the desired pressure. Most shower pumps come with push fit flexible pipe fittings to fit either 15 or 22mm.

Some shower pumps have a single impeller. They are installed on the line after the mixing valve and before the flow valve.