Grundfos Niagra Shower Pump

Shower pumps are used to increase the outlet water pressure in showers that are fed by a gravity water system. They are a popular choice for plumbers and engineers throughout the UK.

If you want to know how to install a shower pump, just watch this brief instructional video: 

Why buy a shower pump yourself?

Shower pumps are a great solution to improve your shower pressure on a gravity fed system. There are many different models and types that are easy to install with a general knowledge of plumbing systems.

When choosing a new shower pump, it is important to consider how many outlets you need to supply. This directly effects what pump pressure you need. Grundfos supply pumps to satisfy most requirements in the home and they are produced in the UK.

Some people call their plumber and ask them to buy and install the pump. Often if you buy the shower pump yourself you avoid the plumbers mark-up and save money. If you are not sure which pump to buy then ask your plumber to advise you and purchase accordingly.


The Niagara range of pump is the entry level model from Grundfos. They come in two versions; the 1.5 bar pump and the 2.0 bar pump (relating to their outlet pressure) Both are twin impeller so they can pump both hot and cold water. The 1.5 bar model will comfortably supply one standard shower only, whereas the 2.0 bar will only supply no more than two standard showers.

TIP: Remember, this model of shower pump cannot be supplied by a mains water supply. They must always be tank-fed. With the tank situated above the pump (positive head pressure)


The pump itself is mounted on rubber feet to prevent the noise of vibration and is supplied with push fit flexible hose connectors for easy pipe installation. Small gause filters are inserted where the flexible hose connects to the pump body. They are easily removed and cleaned. Both pumps can be installed using 15mm and 22mm pipe.
The electrical installation will require a 13amp fused spur. The pump has a water proof connection block for the 240V live supply, neutral and earth.

Here is a simple diagram to aid you in understanding how shower pumps work:

shower pump diagramagain

Where to buy a Shower Pump?

Shower pumps are available from many suppliers online and on the high street. What we look for in a supplier of shower pumps is fast, reliable delivery, good after-sales and above all a reasonable price.